Thursday, November 17, 2011

Grateful - Nov 17th

I often blog and talk about what wonderful brothers my boys are to their baby sister.  And they really are.  It's a joy and pleasure to watch.  But lately they have been growing into their "big boy" relationship with each other.  What I mean by that is that Pierce is finally growing up, and becoming a partner and playmate for Hayden, rather than just a baby brother.  I know this is not uncommon, but it's just absolutely heart-breaking / heart-warming (depending on the degree of success) to watch Pierce try to accomplish all of the big boy activities that Hayden can perform with ease.  For instance, he has to put his own socks and shoes on like Hayden, and he also can put on his own underwear and pants - but the shirt gives him so much trouble (sad!).  He potties on the potty like a big boy ("Mommy I'm a big boy!" he'll say each time), and he can build train tracks, drive monster trucks, and play cars just as well as brother.  If big brother is out riding his bicycle, you better believe Pierce is out there on his tricycle.  I'm always hearing little voices yelling, "Piercey, come in the garage and build trains with me", or "Hayden, come outside in the sandbox with me".  They eat every meal together, and chatter and joke the whole time, and they will often fall asleep next to each other in Hayden's big boy bunk bed.

They definitely have their moments of bickering and sometimes seem to show a remarkable lack of ability to share, but more and more I am pleased by their friendship and companionship, and can only hope they remain this close as they grow.  So today, I am grateful:

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