Sunday, September 2, 2007

4 weeks old and getting ready to move :)

Hi everyone! Well Hayden just turned 4 weeks old yesterday! He is getting so big and mature. Honestly, he matures more and more each day, and all of his newborn characteristics are seeming to wear off as he becomes much more alert and awake. He spends much more time awake these days, and needing to be entertained :) He likes to follow the birdies on his swing with his eyes, and he turns to the sound of our voices. He also will gaze deeply into our eyes when we talk to him, and he smiles and coos which is just adorable, and so gratifying. His new favorite thing is taking a shower with his dad. I think he could stay in his dad's arms, with warm water on his back for hours. He also loves getting baby massages from mom. It's a good life! And he slept through the night last night for the second time (unfortunately it was after a very fussy 4 hours of eating and crying, but hey, you can't expect the world from a newborn!).

Well Nate and I are busy trying to get the house packed and ready for our move. Not so fun. Nate had his last day of work on Friday, which was bittersweet to say the least. But now he is committed fulltime to helping me pack, which is wonderful! I made slow but steady progress all week during Hayden's naps, but we made a huge dent working together today, and aim to wrap up hopefully tomorrow early afternoon, so we can do something fun tomorrow night to say goodbye to Livermore. It's very surreal that we are leaving, and very sad. But we both decided that our sadness at leaving pales in comparison to our excitement at the adventure that awaits us in Texas. Saying good bye to our friends is going to be extremely hard, but we know we'll keep these friends for life, and of course the invitation is extended to everyone to come visit!

The moving van comes on Tuesday, and then we hit the road on Wednesday. We plan to stop in Tahoe to take some family portraits with our wedding photographer, then it's on to Park City and Steamboat Springs, before spending the weekend in Denver visiting our family and friends there. Hayden will get to meet his aunts and uncles, and his great grandparents (and hopefully his great-great-Grandma!). We will then shove off for Dallas to meet our moving van and get into our new house. So there is a lot to look forward to.

We are hoping to drive out goes ok. With two dogs, a cat, a baby, and two adults, things could get a little cramped. But we'll make it work. Wish us luck! Here are some photos of Hayden at 4 weeks old. Enjoy :)

Hanging out with his Girlfriend Allie

Lilly and Dallas keeping watch over him while he sleeps

Enjoying time with dad in the rocking chair

Getting burped....

A smile!!

With our stuffed animal dog

Wearing dad's glasses

And my favorite - taking a nap with Dad