Thursday, September 18, 2008

Overdue Update

Hi everyone!  Sorry it's been so long since I've updated.  It has been one crazy month!  First Nathan and I traveled to Chicago to visit friends for Labor Day weekend, then my parents moved into their new house a few weeks ago, and ever since then it's been a blur of unpacking and settling in.  Then my grandma and aunt Kathy from Wisconsin came to visit for the week, which was wonderful.  But it's just been a whirlwind.  My poor husband had to leave once again for the Gulf Coast to do business in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike, so we've been flying solo once again.  I'm glad that Nathan is able to make money for our family, but I honestly wish more than anything that hurricane season would end so our family can be reunited!!

Well since I last updated I have exploded into a very pregnant looking person.  It's absolutely true that you show more quickly with your second child.  I have been comparing my belly to when I was pregnant with Hayden, and I swear I'm looking about 20 weeks pregnant already (for the record, I am only 11 weeks 4 days!).  My clothes just barely fit at this point, but of course my maternity clothes are way too large, so I'm in the uncomfortable in between stage.  I had my second prenatal appointment on Tuesday and everything looks good.  I've actually lost a pound since last month so my doctor recommended drinking milkshakes.  Ummm....OK!  No problem there :)  I'm still feeling really queasy a lot and the food aversions are actually getting worse instead of better.  But I remember with Hayden that all of that unpleasantness ended at about 14 weeks, which means I've got only about 2 more to go.  They had trouble hearing the new babies heartbeat with the doppler device, and although that gave me a scare, it was maybe a blessing in disguise since I was then able to get another ultrasound and see my beautiful little one again.  Although the image was very grainy, the doctor was still able to point out the beginnings of arms and legs, and I could clearly see the heartbeat.  It really is a wonderful feeling to be pregnant again and I cannot wait for all the joys of the next few months.

Well Hayden is just a bundle of fun these days, and I couldn't wish for a happier, sweeter little boy.  He has learned several new tricks lately, the most relevant being "touchdown" - where he lifts his arms above his head.  Too cute!  He is still really into giving hugs and kisses, and lately he forgets to wake up in his crib so he needs at least 20 minutes of cuddling after every nap.  It is heaven for a mama of a one year old to get that much cuddle time!  Normally he is off and running before I can get my daily dose of love.  He also loves his shoes - what child wants to wear shoes?!?  Mine does :)  He has been consistently sleeping through the night for over a month now which is just great and it makes me feel much better about bringing a newborn into the household.  He also has gotten comfy sleeping at Grammy's house, which is just about 10 minutes away.  We've been spending a lot of time there since Nathan has been gone, because it can get a bit boring and lonely at our house.  Hayden loves a crowd!  He also loves the run around in their yard.  They have a half acre full of mature oak trees that he can run between, and a pool as well that he loves to swim in.

So all in all it's been a nice month and we are finally able to be spending some time outside since the temperature has dropped below the 90 degree mark (although they assure us it will get hot again before it cools off for good).  But in the meantime, we are taking advantage!  Hayden's mammaw and Grandpa Bill are coming to visit next weekend from Denver and we have lots of fun outdoor things planned like the arboretum, maybe the Fort Worth Zoo, and Life's a Beach.  For now, here are some photos!

First belly photo taken impromptu style with my cell phone at my hotel in San Diego once I discovered that I am totally showing!

And here is our second ultrasound photo!

Photos from the Packers game last weekend - don't worry - we are still Broncos fans too!

Mohawk in the tub

Photos of Hayden with his GG and Aunt Kath (aka GAK....kidding!)