Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grateful - Rest of November (oops!) have I managed to neglect my blog this badly??  I was so determined to see through my Grateful posts in November, and I have a list of so many more things and people to recognize.  I think I will go ahead and finish off the list in a simple way, and then move on to the holiday festivities and travels.


Nov 18 - For wonderful cousins for my children to grow up with, making memories all along the way.

Nov 19 - For my health.  This year it's become abundantly clear to me that health isn't something you can take for granted, and I am blessed every day that my body and mind are sound.

Nov 20 - For an adventurous spirit, and the ability to provide travel experiences for my kids - so they can see new people, places, and cultures, and grow up with their eyes open to the world.

Nov 21 - For an amazing group of women that I can call my best friends.  They are women that I've known since I was in elementary school, that I danced with in high school, that I joined a sorority with in college, that I studied with in graduate school, and that I met as a mother.  You all have the ability to make me laugh, and you let me cry.  Love you all.

Nov 22 - For an equally amazing group of friends that my children have grown up with, literally, since the days they were born.  They are sweet, and kind, and smart, and I'm so thrilled to have such wonderful companions for my kids.  I imagine them being friends for life!

Nov 23 - For my education, and a job that allows me to help provide for my family, and which gives me a chance to assume an identity besides "mommy/wife/daughter", for at least a few hours every day.

Nov 24 - For all of my awesome in-laws.  I can't believe I got lucky enough to marry into a family where ALL 4 of my sister-in-laws are people I would probably be friends with even if they weren't family.  I respect them all and laugh with them until my cheeks hurt.  And my mother-in-law is someone that I look up to completely, and whom I love dearly.  And the guys aren't half bad either :)

Nov 25 - For football!  I love all of the nostalgia associated with the game, and the memories I have of growing up, and watching the Badgers and Packers.  There is no more perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon in the fall, than being gathered with family and friends, eating chicken wings and queso, and watching a great game of football.

Nov 26 - For Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper with cherry and lime.  Simple, but true!

Nov 27 - For a life that just keeps getting fuller and richer and happier (and busier) with every passing year.

Nov 28 - For my intelligent, ambitious, adventurous, witty, kind-hearted and generous brother, who always challenges me to be better and do more.

Nov 29 - For my children's TWO sets of great-grandparents.  How lucky are they to have relationships with so many generations of their family!

Nov 30 - For all of many many blessings.  I will never take this life I have for granted, and I will strive to be most thankful EVERY day.

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