Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Splish Splash

Hayden has finally discovered the joy of the splashpark :)  We have a pool in our neighborhood that he has enjoyed all summer, but he used to be afraid of the splashpark and just cling to my legs.  Suddenly this past weekend he decided it would be more fun to be brave, and he ventured off to play.  Now, he runs around the splashpark investigating every water feature, and he quite frequently makes high speed escapes to the pool.  He is busy!  Every day brings some new adventure.

The dogs and Hayden have become better buddies recently as well (I think this trend began when Hayden started to feed them all of his crackers!).  Now Dallas will purposely bring him dog toys and play tug of war gently, or let Hayden throw balls for him.  Hayden just giggles and laughs and has so much fun.  And Hayden crawls all over Lilly and she tolerates perfectly.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Patio Building!

We are currently working on building a flagstone patio in our backyard, so we can enjoy sitting outside once in awhile.  Our backyard is nice and cool (well, relative to the 110 degree heat on our front porch which is made of brick and exposed to the afternoon sun!), so we want a place where we can relax out there.  Nate jackhammered up our existing concrete pad, then pulled up a bunch of sod, graded it all, hauled in crushed granite to form a layer below the concrete, and we are now slowing making progress with installing the actual flagstone.  My job has been to put together the puzzle pieces of the flagstone, while Nate cements them down and levels them.  I really think it's going to be beautiful once it's finished.  Here are some photos of Hayden "helping" his daddy.  He's even wearing a bandana like daddy :)