Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Grateful - Nov 16th

In addition to watching my children enjoy physical activities, like skiing, golf, soccer, baseball, swinging, swimming, riding bikes, etc, I also love watching their little minds work.  All 3 kids are constantly surprising me with the connections that they make, and the memories that they can call up from seemingly inconsequential moments.  I am clearly unbiased, but I think my children are bright and curious, which I love!!  Just today, Hayden begged to join us in a game of Jenga (which we had brought on our vacation for the adults), and he honestly kicked my butt!  It was crazy to explain to him once how the game worked, and then to watch him follow our instructions so earnestly, and actually play the game with concentration and skill.  He's only 4!  And it's only going to get more interesting to watch these little brains at work :)

For this reason, today I am grateful:

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