Monday, August 18, 2008

Not a Flashback! #2 is on the way!  Nate and I started trying in June, because we wanted to have children close in age.  Well, it didn't take long!  I took a pregnancy test on July 27th and it was positive.  Nate was out of town at the time, and it took ALL of my willpower to keep the secret until he flew home for the weekend.  I bought a plain white t-shirt for Hayden and ironed on the words "BIG BRO" in bold green letters.  When we met at the airport, Nathan immediately scooped Hayden up out of stroller for a hug and a kiss, and then noticed his shirt.  He just looked at me with these big, hopeful, teary eyes and I said "yes it's true!".  He was shocked because we thought for various reasons that it was not going to happen that month.  We've been enjoying the news ever since and are so thankful for our beautiful little boy, and his new little brother or sister on the way!

I had my first ultrasound today, and we confirmed that I am due April 6th (which makes me about 7 weeks along).  I was able to see the heartbeat very clearly, and we could even hear it when the turned the sound on.  What a reassuring sound!  So it finally feels real, and I feel comfortable sharing the news with the world.  We are hoping and praying for a healthy 9 months, and of course I am more than ready to be through the first trimester.  This little one is making me feel less than perfect, but it's worth it in the end for sure.  I will keep everyone posted on all the new developments with Hayden's new sibling :)  Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hayden's First Fair

On Sunday we took Hayden to the lovely North Texas State Fair.  It was on a whim because it was actually cloudy and we could stand to be outside, so we decided to take advantage and do something outdoors.  The fair had a lot of fun things for children that were a little bit bigger than Hayden, but we still had a good time.  The highlight was probably the petting zoo - where he particularly intrigued by the baby goats and the fawn.  The adult goats were particularly intrigued by HIM, so we had to keep an eye on the situation :)  He also got a chance to ride on his first Merry-Go-Round and the Teacups.  He clung so tightly to me on the Merry-Go-Round, but he actually seemed comfortable on the Teacups and was laughing up a storm everytime they spun around.  He also got some mint chocolate chip ice-cream and a balloon, so all in all it was a great experience.  Here are some photos from our big day at the fair.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grammy and Poppy are Here!

Hi everyone!  Well Hayden has embraced being a toddler with great enthusiasm and continues to impress us every day with his growing set of skills.  Our latest is giving kisses.  Oh my god, this child runs up to you with his mouth WIDE open and plants a big giant smacker on your lips - drool and all.  And for some reason he thinks the once gives one person in a room a kiss, that he needs to kiss everyone else too, so he will make the rounds planting big juicy kisses on everyone.  Too cute!  He's also really into hugging, and will just wrap his little arms around your neck and giggle.  I love all the recent affection; it's incredibly rewarding.

Right now Hayden's grandparents (and their 2 dogs) are living with us as they wait for their house that they bought here to close.  So he is really getting in some special bonding time with them.  Nate is in South Padre again, so it's nice to have the company around the house.  Every morning Hayden wakes up and I think cannot believe his luck that it's not just boring mom :)  We've all been doing some shopping to help my parents get things for their new house, and we've been going to the pool a lot to try to beat the heat.  Here are some photos of Hayden enjoying grammy and grampy time.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hayden Turns One!

Yay!  Hayden turns one today and it's unreal to me that a whole year has already passed since he joined our family.  In that year so much has happened and our little man has grown from a sweet newborn to a walking, talking toddler.  Ok, let's be honest, not a walker, but a runner!  And really the only word he says is doggie (that sometimes sounds like daddy), but that counts :)  Lately he has turned into such a little comedienne.  He claps at himself whenever he does something funny, and he constantly is laughing this deep laugh at himself and at us.  And he is such a decision maker!  He points at things when he wants them - like his sippy cup, whatever interesting food is on my plate, or Nate's blackberry.  And now he has gotten to the point where he will literally dive into his crib when he is ready for his naps or bed.  It's so nice to know that he loves his bed (finally!).  At one year he has 9 teeth, including one molar, and he has officially transferred from bottles / nursing to almost all table foods and whole milk in his sippy cup.  His favorite foods are mandarin oranges, hot dogs, strawberries, and ravioli, but really he'll eat almost anything.  He is a huge eater and definitely has his daddy's metabolism because he is still tall and lanky.  He plays peekabo, loves to give hugs and high fives, and gets a huge kick out of being tickled :)

We had a pool party with his friends and family for his birthday, and he was in a fabulous mood.  You always hear those stories of little ones being overwhelmed or too tired at their party, but Hayden took a great afternoon nap and was really ready to go by the evening.  He did some swimming, played with his buddies, ate some watermelon and them smeared birthday cake all over his face before jumping back in the pool :)  He also got some wonderful gifts like new clothes, a helicopter, a dump trunk, and a Romo jersey that is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!  Here are some photos from his big day.  Mr. One Year Old Hayden!