Friday, September 30, 2011

Sew Lovely

It was about last year at this time that I found out I was having my little girly, Ruthie, and I decided to try my hand at some little sewing projects.  My mom was kind enough to loan me her sewing machine, and I got to work ruining making some burp cloths and little blankets.  My friends started inspiring me with their more complicated projects, and then my mom surprised me with a sewing machine for my birthday in February.  It was ON :)  Armed with a pattern for a simple pillowcase dress, I was off and running in the world of sewing.

Now, a year later, I am loving my new hobby, and while I am certainly no expert, and haven't had any real training, I can throw together some pretty tidy little boy pants, and girl dresses and rompers, in a pretty short amount of time.  Now, instead of browsing gossip websites online when I am bored, I am pouring over project ideas on Pinterest, buying up cute patterns on Etsy, or window shopping for fabrics on one of many favorite online fabrics shops.  In other words, I am addicted.  But it's a good addiction!  Since sort of putting landscape photography on the back-burner (once serious travel was similarly side-lined with kids!), I needed and craved some sort of creative outlet.  With sewing, not only do I feel inspired and inventive, but I also feel useful and productive.  Granted I should probably spend more time on my housework and "serious responsibilities", but I just am really enjoying myself.

Here are some of my more recent projects for the kids.  I have about a million more ideas all floating around in my head - most having to do with the holidays coming up.  I just ordered 3 coordinating Christmas fabrics in green, blue and pink, and I have visions of cute little blond heads, smiling next to the Christmas tree, all in matching pajama pants :)  Am I insane or what?  The things that make me happy these days.....

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  1. Cute! I just love all of your projects. I find myself stuck in the rut of working on familiar patterns and not trying new things. I need to branch out, but it's so hard when I know I can throw something easy together like a pillowcase or halter dress in an hour or 2. I'm going to try more with this baby I hope :-). You certainly inspire me to try new things. Keep sewing, Mama!