Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Pierce Monster

Ok I have to dedicate a post to Pierce.  Why?  Because he might be the funniest, most adorable, undoubtedly most frustrating and LOUD little two year old on the planet.  When it comes to personality, he was giving a giant heeping spoonful, that's for sure.  Usually, when people meet Pierce they fall in love.  He has this little cherubic face with big blue eyes, and curling blond hair, and rosy chubby cheeks, and he can say the most sweet and endearing things.  He is spunky, bright, and fun, and his charismatic personality definitely draws admirers.  And it's this side of him that I love and adore - the one that will crawl into my lap and say, "snuggle me", that will yell "mommy, watch this!" as he twirls with glee around the living room, and that will regularly count down to blast-off with the phrase, "nine, eight, seven, gascoff!".  He loves to sing and dance, and will do the full moves to his favorite songs, "Dinosaurs Marching", and "I'm Gonna Catch You" by the Laurie Berkner Band.  He still loves his blanky and will frequently refer to the "icky corner", which he then proceeds to stick between his toes and into his ear - it is well loved and used! 

He adores his baby sister, and will often "help" me push her swing, or will lay on her activity mat with her and "show her how to use it".  His brother is both his best friend and his worst enemy, but let me tell you, it's heartwarming to watch him play with Hayden (before it turns into a wrestling match over not sharing, or whatever).   He does, however, love to share his snacks and toys (on his terms), and I'll often overhear him saying, "Here bradoo" and handing him a cracker, or a special car.  "Thank you's" and "pleases" come easily to him, and kisses and hugs are given more freely lately.  And he so sweet and squishy that a hug from him is a total pleasure.  If I say, "love you Pierce", he'll immediately come back with the cutest little "wuv you". Melt my heart.

However, there is a less gentle and sweet side to Pierce, that is coming out more and more often as we get into the terrible twos.  It's hard to put up with, but also super super funny!  He is so naughty and rude that it would almost be comical, if I wasn't afraid he'd stay this way for life.  So for one thing, he expects to do EVERYTHING himself, with no help, unless he gets too frustrated and asks for help, and then you are expected to jump to his aide immediately.  This is how it always goes.  God forbid I attempt to strap him into his seatbelt.  He will just turn bright red and yell, "No touch me mommy, MY TURN".  Then 3 minutes later he'll be in tears and frustrated and yelling, "mommy, need help!".  Well yeah, duh!  For situations like this, I try to work out compromises where he can do the top strap (which he can usually manage), and mommy gets to do the bottom straps, and it's a race!  I have to come up with these creative strategies that make it fun, otherwise he gets so mad and angry.  I use the same tactics when getting dressed - he can pick the shorts and I pick the shirt, or vice versa.  Left up to his own devices he would wear only various pairs of Thomas the Train pajamas.....lovely.  Life is hard I tell ya!

He also expects to be the absolute center of the universe, and if he wants my attention and I am talking to someone else, say in the car, he'll yell, "mommy, no talking daddy, talking ME!".  And he generally does it in this low growl of a voice that sounds so odd coming out of cute little him.  Or if I'm hugging Hayden, "no mommy, snuggle Piercey!".  There is just no room to wait his turn, or to join the group.  It's all or nothing!  He is just very demanding, and will order me around like it's no ones business.  The other day he was yelling at me from the kitchen to tell me he was all done with breakfast, so like a good mom, I went in there to help him get down from his chair.  And the response I got was a resounding, "Mommy, out of Wubby's kitchen!".  And he does it all with this horrible pouty face, with his nose and mouth all scrunched up into this horrid grimace.  Another favorite word he has is "STOP", except it sounds like "SCHTOP", and he widens his stance and holds his hand up baring my way.  Today I was holding Ruthie on my hip and swaying to quiet her down, and for some reason Pierce didn't like it, so he marched up to me and yelled, "Mommy, SCHTOP dancing!", and when I ignored him he yelled, "Moooooomy, SCHTOP dancing AGAIN!" lol. 

Obviously these are not behaviors or responses we condone, and we are working on helping him with his patience and manners, but I cannot lie and say that sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face!  Your angelic little two year old yelling "SCHTOP, Outta Wubby's Kitchen" is pretty hysterical.  Who says that??  So while I'm not proud to report on his mischievious ways, I really wanted to get it down so that someday, when he is a smart, successful, polite adult, I will remember all of his little boy antics :)

I'll leave you with a video of him stealing "nacks" from the pantry - still up to his old tricks!

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