Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Magic

I was driving home from my parent's house tonight, and oohing and aahing at the Christmas lights with my kids, and suddenly I thought, "Oh my Gosh, it's already December 22nd!", where has the holiday season gone?  The span of time from October to December is my absolute favorite of the entire year.  From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, the excitement just keeps coming, the weather is beautiful, and the kids find new fun around every corner.  I love it.  It's almost over, but truly, the best is yet to come - Christmas morning with kids!

But before I get ahead of myself, I should share some of the magic we've already experienced this holiday season.  The decorations inspired Ruthie's very first word, "Pretty", which I love!  She will wake up, all fuzzy and red-cheeked, wrapped up in her blanket, and we'll walk out into the living room, and she'll just point and wave to the lit wreath and tree, and say "Pretty" over and over.  It's about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.  She is relentlessly attracted to the Christmas tree, and I regularly find her wrapped up in a cord of lights or ribbon, or with an ornament in her mouth.  Little troublemaker!  While she loves the lights, she is NO fan of Santa.  Our two experiences were monumental fails.  Perhaps next year :)

Her complete awe at the simple things - the lights and decorations - is just a fraction of the magic the boys feel. What wonderful ages they are this year.  Everything is magical, and very real to them.  They are constantly concerned about whether they are on the "naughty" or "nice" list, and Hayden told Santa that he wanted a baby reindeer that he can feed with a bottle!  He told me again tonight that, "wow, that baby reindeer is going to be hard for me to care for!".  Yes...that should be interesting.  I have a feeling the reindeer "webkinz" I got him is not going to cut it, but here's hoping!

While the boys are always sweet to Ruthie, I think they've taken to being especially kind and caring with her, in hopes that they will move higher on the "nice" list.  The other day, Ruthie was crying in the living room while I was busy with a house chore.  I heard Hayden start to sing "You are my Sunshine" to her, and my heart warmed more than a little bit.  He ran into the kitchen to tell me the good news that his singing worked!  I told him he was just about the best brother I've ever seen, to which he happily replied, "I know mom, and now Santa is going to bring me LOTS of presents!".  Hmmm....regardless of the motive, it was cute.

One of the more special experiences this month was a vacation to Colorado to visit Nate's family and our friends.  It was something that we had really hoped to be able to pull off, however it's getting increasingly difficult to get home the more kids we have, and the more plane tickets we have to buy!  But I am so glad that we made it happen, and it's going to become a priority every year.  Seeing my kids with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, is just priceless.  The holidays are about family, and being home in Colorado is exactly where we need to be during the season.

Happy Holidays everyone!  May Peace and Joy fill your year to come.

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