Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4thof July!

Happy 4th of July!!

Great news - the baby has turned head down and is all ready to be born! He seems to have "dropped" and may be engaged in my pelvis already. I feel a ton of pressure down there, and sometimes a bit of pain too. I was monitored for 20 minutes at my last appointment, and not only did we get to hear our son's healthy and steady heartbeat, but we also got to see that I was having mild contractions. I wasn't even really feeling them (which is great!). I hope this means that my body is making some progress toward labor. We also got one more ultrasound - they had to measure my fluid levels. Since he was turned facing my back, we couldn't see his face at all, but we saw his heart and all his rib cage. Very exciting!

We are now considered full-term, so he can really come at any time and be considered a perfectly healthy baby. Needless to say we are ready to meet him. These last few weeks have been trying with me being so large and tired, and it getting hot out. But we just want him to come when he is ready :) Still feeling LOTS of movement, and Nate can often see my belly moving drastically. I wonder if he'll be so active out of the womb?? I get TONS of hiccups too.

Here are some pictures of Hayden's finished nursery!

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