Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ok wow - it's been a long time since I've updated this blog!! Hayden is already 10 weeks old and is growing like a weed here in Dallas, TX. He weighs 13 lbs, 8 oz and is 25 inches long! He continues to be a blissful baby. He starting sleeping through the night as soon as we moved into our new house and put him in his crib (literally the first night) at about 6 weeks old, and he hasn't looked back. Our ritual these days is to give him his last milk of the night around 8 or 8:30 pm, then Nate swaddles him, and rocks him in his dark nursery with his waterfall lullaby soother playing music in the background. Once he gets sleepy, he goes right in the crib and he watches his waterfall friends for awhile and falls right to sleep. The next time we see Hayden is at about 8 am, when I walk in to find him smiling at me with a big gummy grin :) I am one lucky mama!

Hayden seems to be right on track developmentally for a 2 month old. He has full conversations with his "friends" on the mobile above his changing table, and also with any chandelier or ceiling fan. He will squeal with delight sometimes he is so happy :) He can hold a rattle in his hand, but he often bonks himself on the head with it so I'm not sure he actually even realizes it's in his hand....he just likes to grip things. He practices spending time on his tummy, but he's not a huge fan yet. So far no rolling over, but we'll get there. He is just full of smiles and coos for anyone who talks to him, or really even looks at him, and that is my favorite thing about him right now. Just the bright beaming smile you get when you talk to him. It will melt your heart!!

We both have started back to work which has been a major adjustment, especially for me! I'm working out of my home, which is awesome, but it's hard for me to strike that balance between spending time with Hayden and getting my work done. Nate and I get up early so we can work before Hayden even rises, and then I usually devote my morning to spending time with my son - either at mommy and me yoga, at a playgroup, taking a walk, or just snuggling. He goes down for a nap around 11 am, and then I go back to work. Luckily we have two amazing caretakers to watch him in the afternoons so I can get some serious work done. Our close family friend, Kneila, who knew me as a baby, is watching him 3 days a week at our house and giving him all the one on one attention he can handle. I can hear him giggling even in my office! The other two afternoons of the week he goes to a neighbor's home, Kimbaly, where he gets to play with her 10 month old son, Zach, and their doggie, Hudson. So he gets his share of stimulation there, and he gets to read, sing, play in the bouncy chair and go for stroller walks. So Hayden has a pretty good life so far!

Texas is treating us very well and we are all really happy and excited to start exploring now that the weather has cooled off. We hiked a few times around several of the local lakes, but it's always been very hot and buggy and muggy, and we didn't time it right with Hayden's schedule so needless to say it's been less than enjoyable (the dogs have always loved these excursions despite the heat!) But we are learning as we go :) Here are some recent photos of Hayden in his new surroundings in Texas!

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