Thursday, March 29, 2007

Baby Kicks

Nate finally got to feel the baby kick last night! It was so exciting for both of us. Nate not only felt the baby, but he could also see my tummy where it was moving. I cannot believe he is already strong enough to kick me that hard. He is very active all the time lately, especially at night, or really whenever I lie down. It's nice to know he is there with me all the time, and I'm so glad Nate got to experience his little kick ;)

Also, I had my first baby shower this weekend! I visited my parents in Ohio and my neighbor Betsy and my mom's good friend Marsha threw me a suprise baby shower for all my parent's neighbors and family friends. It was so much fun. We had Hector come in and cook and serve a delicious paella and I recieved so many beautiful gifts. I am going to have one well dressed little boy! So thank you everyone, Nate and I are so appreciative and thankful.

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