Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stories from Preschool

It constantly amazes me that my son spends two days a week experiencing things that I have nothing to do with.  I'm talking about preschool of course.  When I picked him up last week, there was an adorable laminated photo of him from a hayride they had taken at school, and he was beaming and holding a pumpkin, and I just got all teary-eyed, imagining this sweet boy growing up, and starting to live his own little life.  I didn't even know he had taken a hayride, and here I am presented with this photo.  It hasn't been often in his life that he has done things that I haven't planned or been a part of, so this is taking some adjustment!

But I love love love all the wonderful things he is learning at preschool.  Yesterday he was helping me decorate sugar cookies, and all of a sudden he started counting them, IN SPANISH!  He counted confidently up to diez just like it was no problem!  Again, not that amazing of a feat for a 3 year old in general, but it just blew my mind that this is evidence of all that he is learning, without me teaching him.  And I LOVE it!  

On Tuesday, I had a funny encounter with the music director of the school.  As I was picking Hayden up, she said to me, "I didn't know you were pregnant until today!", and I thought wow, I must be looking pretty big today haha.  Turns out, they started learning songs that day for their Christmas program.  The director asked all of the children, "who knows what happens at Christmas", and Hayden rose his hand (which by the way already makes me so proud and happy), and said, "That's when the baby comes!".  The music director said she was impressed, and commented, "Yes Hayden, Baby Jesus comes at Christmastime".  Well of course we all know which baby Hayden was talking about haha.  He quickly corrected her, "No no no, MY baby, baby Ruthie comes after Christmas!".  Well when I first found out I was pregnant, Hayden was really anxious to meet the baby, and confused about the concept of "9 months", so my mom tried to give him a reference point that he could understand, which was "Baby Ruthie will come in the winter, after Christmas".  So in his head, there is a very clear connection between the two events, which he decided to share with his whole school haha!  Unfortunately, he is going to be in for a rude awakening when Christmas passes and we still have 7 weeks until we meet this little one!!

And finally, I think we may have a little casanova on our hands!  Ever since the first day of school, there has only been one boy name that he mentions frequently as being a friend.  However, the list of his "girlfriends" continues to grow daily.  When I picked him up today, he pointed out the window of our car and said, "Mommy that's Lilah!".  I said, "Oh is she your friend?", and he replied, "Yes mommy, and Tatum and Grace too.  They are all so beautiful", lol.  I almost died.  So there you have it, he's already falling for the girls.

Unfortunately I have no new photos today!  Good bye for now.

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