Monday, September 20, 2010

It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today was one of those days that ranks up there with my wedding day and the births of my baby boys.  I knew it would be emotional, but let me tell you, when after what seemed like a wild goose chase, we finally heard this would be a little girl, the floodgates just opened and I realized how much I truly wished for a daughter.  It was so amazing to know that in addition to my two little princes, whom I couldn't breath without, we now get to experience the roller coaster of raising and loving a baby girl.  As one of my good friends put it, the whole dynamic of the Robert's household is about to change in a BIG way lol.

Let me tell the story of today.  This little girl is already being dramatic!  My mid-term anatomy scan was scheduled for this morning at 10 am.  During this sonogram, they measure all of the baby's organs and limbs to make sure things are progressing normally.  This sonogram can be a very good indicator of general health and well-being, so it's kind of a nerve-wracking procedure just on that level.  It also happens to be the perfect time to diagnose gender, so of course we were all on pins and needles, wondering if this might be our girl, but trying not to get our hopes up.  Adding to the stress was the fact that I have barely felt this baby move, which is odd considering I felt it easily by about 16 weeks with Pierce.  I was slightly worried that something wasn't right.

So we got to the ultrasound and had a super nice technician who was really welcoming.  Hayden, my mom, and Nathan were all there too, and of course after saying for 3 months that he wanted a sister, Hayden told the sonographer that he wanted a brother lol.  Then he told us he was just teasin!  What a jokester.  The ultrasound got started and right away my mind was set at ease because she found an anterior placenta, which means it is in front and often keeps a mama from feeling baby movement at the early stages.  What a HUGE relief.  The heart rate was in the 140's and everything was measuring well (about a week ahead).  So hurdle one was past us - baby looked healthy!

Finally she got down to the important stuff (just kidding!) and my heart started racing when she said, "have you ever seen those three lines before?" (knowing we have 2 boys and these lines mean girl), and I immediately broke into SOBS and covered my eyes.  I just could not hold the emotion in.  Then as quick as they came, the lines went away, and baby closed it's legs.  The sonographer was so sweet and searched and searched for more conclusive evidence, but the baby would NOT open it's legs and as we left she said she certainly wouldn't decorate a nursery on that little glimpse, and in fact she thought she might have seen a penis too!  I was also bummed because we didn't get any photos from this session!  She had captured some beautiful images of very long arms and legs (going to be tall like Hayden), and a beautiful profile (looks so much like Pierce), and little hands and feet, but we don't have any of them.  I guess I'll call them and see if I might be able to get some since they were saved for the radiology report.

Although I was super happy when we left to know the baby was developing normally, it was also really really emotionally difficult to accept that this was a "maybe girl".  I didn't believe I could go to sleep tonight thinking "maybe girl" and allow my hopes to rise, and then find out it's a boy down the road (perhaps at birth since I have no more ultrasounds).  And Nate agreed - we need to plan and know!

So I began to feverishly call friends to look on the internet for ultrasound places (I had promised to take Hayden to Chik-fil-A and had no access to a computer), and my friend got me a number to call for a place in Plano that had openings for tomorrow.  Luckily when I called she said she could fit me over lunch, so we picked up PJ and raced over there to make the appointment in time.  Unfortunately Nathan couldn't come because of work, but he was on board for me finding out as soon as possible.  The other neat thing is that this place streams the ultrasound live (with sound) online, so my mother-in-law was able to watch and listen live from Colorado.  It was so cool!  And the whole ultrasound is saved online for a week for whomever wants to watch it.  I loved that feature and it was super special to share it with Debbie AND my mom, even though my hubby couldn't be there.  He can watch it tonight when he gets home :)

So at first of course the baby wasn't cooperating.  We got to see a little cute face in 3D, but the baby was being modest with it's hands covering the eyes, and the legs firmly crossed, so still no evidence!!  And it was hysterical - when Pierce first saw the black and white ultrasound he started roaring like a lion, and then he pointed at the screen and yelled "cow".  If we can't say boy or girl, we might as well just say COW!  Haha.  So anyway, the tech did what all good sonographers do, she shook my tummy and prodded it until baby opened it's legs, and BOOM, there was the money shot!  ALL GIRL.  No mistaking it.  Once again I immediately burst into tears.  I'm pretty sure my mom did too, and I could picture my mother-in-law running around the room at her house in excitement!  Our awesome sonographer continued to get amazing shots of baby girl in 3D and 2D, and continually went back to between the legs just to confirm, but sure enough, we are having a little GIRL in February!  And Hayden was quick to remind us that he had known it was a girl for "a really long time" lol.  I should have believed in him (although I secretly did).

So there you have it.  The Robert's household is growing by a girl in February, and I can't wait for her to join our fam!

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