Saturday, March 29, 2008

Fort Worth Zoo!

Nate has been out of town all weekend, entertaining clients at the ranch, so I took Hayden to the Fort Worth Zoo with my mom's group yesterday, and we had the best time. I think Hayden actually could see the animals, because he would reach out of his stroller toward the animals and squeal in delight. He seemed particularly interested in the giraffes. There was a baby giraffe who was showing off and running around his habitat, and all the babies really enjoyed that. We also saw tigers, lions, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, black bears and assorted reptiles and birds. It was a cool and chilly day, but I think that was probably for the best because I can only imagine how hot and crowded it is at the zoo on summer day.

Now that Hayden is fully recovered from his stomach bug, we have been giving him some table foods. I typically will give him some of my bread or potatoes if I'm having any, and he's also gotten corn kernals, apples, bananas and a piece of muffin. I'm so paranoid that he will choke, so I'm making the pieces incredibly tiny, but he does have 4 teeth now and he appears to be chewing and gumming all of his foods, so I may start to gradually introduce more food. He is getting so big! He continues to crawl more quickly every day, and he is standing all the time and getting into everything he shouldn't be getting into. We have our baby gates and Nate is going to be installing them when he gets home this afternoon (I hope!).

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